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Evans reveals McCarthy fear

With his ranting and raving on the touchline and his ability to tear journalists to shreds with cutting post-match remarks, it is usually Steve Evans who is the frightening one.

But the boot was on the other foot for the Scot this summer when he had to do business with Ipswich boss Mick McCarthy for the first time.

Evans admitted to being scared of the blunt-speaking Yorkshireman before making his first call.

However, once the awkward introductions were out of the way, Evans found himself talking to an amiable and friendly man who has been more than helpful to the Millers this season.

Indeed, it was a good job Evans got over his fear as he had McCarthy on speed dial over the summer, signing Scott Loach, Paul Taylor and Anthony Wordsworth from the Tractor Boys while also sounding him out over Frazer Richardson and Paul Green.

Evans will be able to renew the pleasantries this weekend as McCarthy brings his Ipswich team to New York Stadium for the first time and the Scot insists he will have a pre-match and post-match drink with his opposite number, who he is full of praise for.

“I was quite frightened of him and in awe of him before I got to know him but since I have spoken to him on a regular basis and he is just a gentleman,” Evans confessed.

“He is a bit like me and says it as it is.

“Mick McCarthy doesn’t mince his words. We have seen that with Paul Taylor this week. 

"He has returned back and Mick has said he won't be back full stop and then repeated the words full stop. I had a chuckle at that.

"He is a good manager, he should never have left Wolves and everyone knows that now.

“But that is only to the benefit of Ipswich Town.

"Mick is a very knowledgeable manager and I have nothing but the highest respect for the job he has done, both at Wolves and Ipswich.

"I will probably have a cup of tea before the game with him, I love to pick his brains on stuff. There is a lot of respect from me to him, that is sure.

McCarthy, who has been very complimentary about the Millers' chances of survival this season, will be boosted by the ability to pick strike duo David McGoldrick and Championship top-scorer Daryl Murphy together for the first time in three matches.

That has coincided with a difficult spell for Town, but Evans is wary ahead of Saturday's New York Stadium clash.

"They have slipped up but it’s no hidden secret that in that five or six-week period they have been without either McGoldrick or Murphy," Evans added. "Together they are as good as anyone in the league. 

"When you look at them you have got two talented boys who could arguably both play in the Premier League. They’ll both be playing and that makes our task tougher, but it’s certainly a game we are looking forward to."

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