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Hull boss Steve Bruce demands blazing start against Rotherham

Rotherham will have to be on their mettle from the first whistle against Hull after Tigers boss Steve Bruce demanded a fast start from his side.

Hull travel along the M18 for their first visit to the New York Stadium and arrive in fourth position in the Championship, just two points off the top two.

Despite their lofty perch, the Tigers have been beset by slow starts recently, as they have fallen behind in four of their last five games.

They have been able to rescue the situation in games at Bristol City and against Reading on Wednesday, though were unable to claw themselves back into games against Derby and Leeds.

And Bruce wants his side to start doing the business for the entire 90 minutes.

"Let's be fair, since the international break we haven't played anywhere near the level we were at before it," he said.

"When we have, it's been fits and starts. We were excellent against Leeds in the second half, we were very good in the second half at Bristol City as well. And we were the same against Reading after half-time.

"We've got to stop this second-half nonsense and we've got to start better. If we produce what we produced in the second half for the full game against Rotherham then we'll be fine.

"But if we don't and we go in with this lacklustre approach, which unfortunately has crept in, we're going to be in for a long afternoon.

“We haven't been doing enough from the start of games, we haven't done the basics. It's a mindset, it must be. But whatever it is, it's not healthy for us. We've got to stop it."

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