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Neil Warnock's wife instrumental in Rotherham appointment

Neil Warnock ended up as Rotherham's new manager because he listened to the golden rule in life: Listen to your wife.

Warnock answered the Millers' SOS call last week after they sacked Neil Redfearn and his 16-game stint started with a 0-0 draw with Birmingham on Saturday.

The 67-year-old, who has been out of the game since leaving QPR before Christmas, said he needed only five minutes with chairman Tony Stewart before knowing he wanted the job, but it was his wife Sharon that pushed him the meeting.

"A lot of it was down to my wife," Warnock said. "She’s not been well. But I think I might have got on her nerves Monday and Tuesday. 

"When I told her I was favourite for the Rotherham job she said, ‘Why don’t you go for it?’. That was the encouragement I needed. 

"It happened very quickly. When I met the chairman on Thursday, before we’d actually agreed anything, and I said I wanted to come up after the meeting and take training in the morning, I think he was a little bit shocked, I don’t believe you should mess around, particularly at my age."

It did not long to recognise that Rotherham were now a Warnock team during the Blues clash as they set up in an organised 4-4-2 formation and got the ball forward quickly.

They were also battling and spirited and, despite only having one two-and-a-half-hour training session with their new manager, the players looked as if they were already playing for him.

Man-management and motivation have been key areas which has helped Warnock forge a successful career in the game and he knows it.

"I know I’m a decent manager. I know players like playing for me. I know managers and other clubs don’t like me at all. That’s part of the territory, isn’t it? 

"I’m looking forward to going to places like Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich where I get a really good reception! I’ve missed a little bit of that, if I’m honest."

Frazer Richardson, who put in a solid display against Blues and was instrumental in keeping a clean sheet, says the players have already been won over by Warnock's positivity.

"It's been a mad 48 hours but good," Richardson said. "He came in on Friday and it was always going to be difficult but I thought we did really well. 

"He's brought a very positive demeanour to the club. He wants everything to be positive. 

"He stressed that yesterday and again. I thought we were the front foot, positive, wanting to go forward, trying to create, and I thought we looked a bit more solid as well.

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