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Nicky Eaden reveals the circumstances of Neil Redfearn's sacking

Rotherham caretaker manager Nicky Eaden has revealed that Neil Redfearn thought he was going to see the chairman about new signings when he got sacked.

Redfearn was surprisingly fired on Monday just four months into the role following damaging back-to-back defeats to Charlton and Bolton which has left the Millers in the bottom three.

Redfearn took training on Monday as normal and headed to see the chairman at the New York Stadium thinking he was going to discuss players to sign during the loan window, which has now reopened.

Instead, Redfearn was told to collect his belongings and given his marching orders, making him the shortest-serving manager at the club since Dave Cusack in 1987-88.

The timing of the decision had all the hallmarks of pressing the panic button as Redfearn was allowed to bring in Eaden as his assistant just four days before he got the sack.

Eaden is now in caretaker charge and admits no one saw Redfearn's dismissal coming.

"It's been quite eventful, not how I saw it panning out, but football is what it is and you get on with the job," he said of his first week at the club.

"It was a bit of a shock and it was a bit of a whirlwind after that. 

"I was not expecting it at all. We took training as normal, Redders was going down to see the chairman about potential loan signings for the window, but then we got the phone call at about 1.30-2pm on Monday afternoon.

"I am not sure what happened, the chairman made the decision and Neil left and I was left to get on with things."

Eaden, who left his role as Leicester's Under-21 manager, admits he might not have come to the Millers had he known Redfearn was going to lose his job, but says his former Barnsley team-mate has no qualms with him staying on.

"It's disappointing, I'm disappointed to see anyone lose their job," he added. "He was the man that brought me in and I have spoke to Redders since and he said if they are still willing to let you work there then carry on, he had no issue with it.

"I have gone from a nice comfortable, secure job for the last three and a half years and to be honest there wasn't many jobs that I was even contemplating, I have not applied for anything. 

"When this one came I thought it, 'now's the time', the timing was right, the club was right and I had no hesititation. A week later it changes a little bit, but that's football."

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