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Rotherham boss Neil Warnock only focusing on next 10 games

Despite breathing much-needed life into Rotherham's survival fight, boss Neil Warnock has no intention of sticking around next season.

The 67-year-old is six games into his 16-game brief of delivering Championship safety to the Millers and he is making an impressive fist of it, having picked up 10 points thanks mainly to three successive wins.

That has put the Millers in a strong position of beating the drop and the fans have taken Warnock to their heart, with the prospect of him being around next season a mouth-watering one.

However, with him still living in Cornwall and returning home after matchdays to tend to his sick wife, a deal beyond this season looks highly unlikely.

Warnock, who received the LG Performance of the Week award for the win at Sheffield Wednesday last week, is enjoying the challenge in South Yorkshire, though, and is concentrating only on the next 10 games.

“I love the Championship, it is my cup of tea,” Warnock said. “being back in South Yorkshire, the oos and aahs, the tackles, the referees, the headers and crosses, the excitement.

“I do love that type of football and that's what I have missed when I have been away.

“I get tired a lot and the travelling is a long way as you can imagine. The chairman has accepted that I have to do certain things in the week, I have to slow down a little bit.

“But it's what you are, I can't change myself when I am doing my job. I am what I am on the bench and in training.

“As you get older you get tired, you just have to get one with it as long as it is not detrimental to your health and your wife is happy with it.

“She is at the moment, Sharon is quite happy with me being out of her feet because she has not been in the best of health.

“I don't look beyond the 10 games at the moment.

“It's a fantastic challenge and whatever the situation we have given people a run for their money. Can we maintain it, I don't know but we'll try.”

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