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Rotherham's 2015-16 season in numbers

The dust has settled on another undulating season for Rotherham as they achieved their ultimate goal of Sky Bet Championship survival.

Here's a review of the season through the medium on numbers.

3 - The number of players who started both the first and the last Championship game for Rotherham.

3 - The number of permanent managers Rotherham had during the season.

4 - The number of days Nicky Eaden was employed as Rotherham's assistant manager.

5 - The number of away wins Rotherham recorded on the road.

5 - The number of red cards Rotherham received during the season, four of them coming in Neil Warnock's reign.

6 - The number of points Rotherham took off Leeds, when former boss Steve Evans was in charge of the opposition on both occasions.

6 - The number of times Rotherham conceded four or more goals during the campaign.

7 - The number of minutes Rotherham needed to wipe out a three-goal deficit to earn a miraculous 3-3 draw with Derby.

7 - The number of games that represented Rotherham's longest winless streak.

7 - The number of days in the season that Rotherham spent in 19th, their highest position.

7 - The number of penalties Rotherham were awarded throughout the season, five more than last season. They converted five.

8 - The number of goals Rotherham's top scorer Matt Derbyshire scored in the season.

8 - The number of league wins Rotherham managed at New York Stadium.

8 - The number of games before Greg Halford was dropped and stripped of the captaincy.

9 - The number of points Rotherham finished clear of the bottom three.

10 - The number of points Rotherham took in their magical March, which saw them beat Sheffield Wednesday, Middlesbrough and Ipswich and also draw with Derby.

10 - The number of goals on-loan goalkeeper Kelle Roos conceded in four Championship games.

10 - The number of loan players Rotherham signed over the course of the season from the sublime of Grant Ward to the ridiculous of Kelle Roos.

11 - The number of games which Rotherham stayed unbeaten in from February 28 to April 30, leading them to safety.

13 - The number of points Rotherham took from their games with the sides who finished in the top six.

13 - The number of goals Rotherham conceded between minutes 40-45 in league games, often crucially changing the momentum of the match.

20 - The number of different players to find the back of the net for Rotherham in all competitions.

22 - The number of different back four combinations Rotherham used in their 49 games.

24 - The number of points Neil Warnock won during his 16 games at the helm.

31 - The number of signings Rotherham made from June 1 to the transfer window closing at the end of March - the exact same number as last year.

37.5 - The number as a percentage of Neil Warnock's win ratio in his 16 games at the helm.

40 - The number of different players who pulled on the red and white shirt over the course of the season.

42 - The number of consecutive appearances goalkeeper Lee Camp made, more than any other Rotherham player.

49 - The number of points Rotherham won over the course of the season, the exact same as last year before a deduction.

51 - The number of minutes gone on average when Rotherham scored in the league.

55 - The number of goals Rotherham scored in all competitions.

71 - The number of goals Rotherham conceded in the Championship.

98 - The number of changes made to the Rotherham starting XI over the course of the 49 games of the campaign.

113 - The number of days Rotherham spent outside of the relegation zone throughout the campaign.

123 - The number of days Neil Redfearn was in the job before his sacking on February 8.

134 - The number of saves Lee Camp made in Rotherham's goal throughout his 42 appearances.

144 - The number of minutes Emmanuel Ledesma was on the pitch throughout the season, the least of any of the summer signings.

162 - The number of days in the season that Rotherham spent in the bottom three.

1,406 - The number of minutes in total that Rotherham were trailing in Championship matches last season, just 55 less than Bolton.

3,737 - The number of minutes Richie Smallwood was on the pitch for in the entire season, more than any other Miller.

10,025 - The number on average of fans that turned up to the New York Stadium, 215 less than last season.

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