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Lee Frecklington selflessly rises above double Millers snub

If Lee Frecklington wasn't such a key player for Rotherham, you could forgive him if he thought Neil Warnock had it in for him.

After occupying the treatment room when Warnock arrived at the club, Frecklington lost the matchday captaincy on his return to the side after the new boss admitted he didn't know the midfielder wore the armband.

When finding out, he decided to stick with Kirk Broadfoot as skipper.

And then, during the clash with Leeds, Frecklington was denied the chance to score a double against the club he supports when Warnock gave penalty-taking duties to Greg Halford - again unaware that Frecklington is the usual taker.

The Millers midfielder, who has been a leading figure in the recent weeks with two goals and three assists, selflessly gave the ball up to Halford and was one of the first to celebrate with the redeemed former skipper, who he ironically took the armband off in August.

While some players might have had their noses put out of joint, Warnock knows Frecklington can handle the situation.

The boss said: "I didn’t know he was captain, didn’t know he takes penalties, I said, 'Is there anything else I need to know Frecks?'. But that won’t bother Frecks, he is a genuine lad.

"Apparently he (Halford) shouldn’t have had it, but I told him to take the penalty. 

"I said ‘Look, the way you’re playing, take the penalty son you can’t miss it’. 

"So when we got it I am expecting him to take it and he picked the ball up and everyone surrounded me and said ‘Frecklington takes our penalties, gaffer’. 

"So I told Frecks to go and tell him but he (Halford) said, 'No I’m taking it'. 

"It would have been my fault if he missed it and I went on afterwards and said ‘Thank god you scored it!’

Frecklington, ever the professional, knew he had to listen to his manager.

"I wanted the penalty because I had taken the last one," he said. "But Greg said the gaffer said he was on penalty duties and I can’t argue with the gaffer, can I?

"Since he came back in, we have all had a laugh about him being the gaffer’s lovechild. He is always getting special treatment in training. We know it is a joke."

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