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Rotherham v Leeds: The sub-plots

Sometimes there is so much more to a game of football than 22 men kicking a ball around trying to get it in a net.

And this Saturday' clash between Rotherham and Leeds is one of those as there are more side stories and sub-plots than a best-selling novel.

Here's a look at the things which makes sure this is not just any other match.

Crucial for Rotherham's relegation scrap

Although a resurrection that started long before Easter saw them take 16 from 18 points, the Millers are still in a relegation battle sitting just two points above the drop zone. It's far from job done just yet. On paper, this is a game they ought to be winning, against a side in lower mid-table with nothing other than pride to play for, especially as it precedes potentially decisive trips to Bristol City and MK Dons.

Steve Evans returns

It will be Steve Evans' first return to New York Stadium since that fateful Monday in September when Tony Stewart decided it was time for a change. Evans told the world that he left in tears that day and after all the success he brought to the Millers over his three years in charge, it is sure to be an emotional day again for the Scot. And having been beaten by his former club in November, Evans will be desperate to win this more than any other game.

What reception will he get?

If he had it his way, Evans would probably walk into the centre-circle ahead of kick-off and clap to all four sides of the ground while they chant 'He does what he wants', such is the recognition he craves. However, the reception for the former boss is likely to be far more under-stated. Despite all the success Evans and Raynor brought to the club, it did not come without a cost, and a large percentage of the fanbase remember that. Evans and Raynor should expect nothing more than a staunch round of applause.

It's a Yorkshire derby

They say that form goes out of the window when it comes to derbies, which is a cliche Rotherham will be hoping to avoid given their impressive run of late. The fact that it is a Yorkshire derby and the stakes are raised in front of a sell-out crowd is likely to help the Millers if anything as it will raise the intensity, which could help them recreate the wins against top-end opposition of the last month. Tackles will be flying, there'll be blood and thunder, the atmosphere will be highly charged and all eyes will be on the two dugouts. COME ON ROTHERHAM!!

Evans clinging to his job

Evans is desperate to win this match for more than just bragging rights against his former club as his future at Elland Road could depend on it. Having failed to take Leeds towards a play-off push like he said he would, news emerged after their 4-1 defeat to Huddersfield last time out that Massimo Cellino is ready to pull the plug and sack the Scot in the summer. That is something a proud Evans will be obviously desperate to avoid and knows an impressive performance at New York will keep the wolves from the door for another week.

Neil Warnock used to manage Leeds

As if one manager coming up against his former club wasn't enough, Neil Warnock also faces his old employers. There is not much danger of a rousing reception for Warnock from the away end after he was in charge at Elland Road for a troubled 14 months between 2012-13. As Sheffield United boss Warnock always used to enjoy beating Leeds and the fact he used to manage them now, must surely give the Millers an edge.

Kevin Blackwell used to manage Leeds

As if two managers coming up against their former club wasn't enough, Kevin Blackwell also faces his old employers. Blackwell's move to Leeds from Sheffield United in 2004 was the root of his falling out with Warnock, but the Millers number two is unlikely to be fondly remembered by the Whites either, despite doing a decent job. Taking over amid a financial meltdown, Blackwell took Leeds to the Championship play-off final in 04/05.

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